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The Top 10 Blogs for CFOs

As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of your organization, your company's financial future largely depends on the decisions you make. No pressure! Fortunately, there are plenty of blogs online that will give you the knowledge you need to do your job effectively.

Keep reading to learn the top 10 blogs for CFOs, a brief description of each, and why these 10 blogs (rather than the many, many others on the internet) made our list.


1. CFO Journal


Description: In-depth financial articles and interviews from one of the most successful publishers on the planet, the Wall Street Journal.

Why We Love This Blog: You've heard of the Wall Street Journal. But did you know that WSJ has a section of its website that's dedicated to financial professionals? The CFO Journal features articles on important topics like taxes, valuations, and more. The brand also publishes interviews with CFOs at top companies like Dell, Expedia, and Levi's.


2. The SaaS CFO


Description: A blog for financial leaders at SaaS companies. Learn how to better understand your analytics and forecast future results for your organization.

Why We Love This Blog: If you lead the financial department at a SaaS company you should definitely read the SaaS CFO blog. The posts, written by Ben Murray, the CFO of a midwestern SaaS business and an overall knowledgeable guy, will teach you about the CFO role within a SaaS organization, how to better read and understand your reports, and more.


3. CFO


Description: An award-winning brand that caters to "influential finance executives who collectively control trillions of spend annually."

Why We Love This Blog: Looking to up your game as a Chief Financial Officer? Maybe you're looking to acquire the skills you'll need to run your company's finance department in the future. Either way, has the insights you need. Check out the brand's blog and/or podcast for practical tips, innovative strategies, and more.


4. CFO Leadership Council


Description: A collection of insightful articles written by influential financial leaders at companies like Oracle, Bank of America, and more. 

Why We Love This Blog: Founded in 2006, The CFO Leadership Council is a professional association that aims to empower, educate, and connect financial professionals. The Council's blog is chock-full of tips and tricks you can use to further your career.


5. Generation CFO


Description: Articles on a wide range of financial-related topics, from analytics to mental health—all with an emphasis on the digital finance transformation.

Why We Love This Blog: The Generation CFO team has worked for some of the top financial organizations in the world. Why does this matter to you? It proves that they know their stuff and that the insights they share can be trusted. Read this blog for modern financial strategies, expert interviews, and to stay up-to-date with important industry trends.


6. CFO Strategic Partners


Description: Regular articles on the everyday challenges CFOs face. Read to learn about post-pandemic strategies, dealing with turnover, and more.

Why We Love This Blog: The CFO Strategic Partners blog publishes informative articles on topics that truly matter to financial professionals. More than that, the brand conducts their own surveys and shares the results with its audience. This allows readers to skip the theory and learn what's working right now from professionals who are "in the trenches."




Description: Articles and free webinars that focus on current events and their financial impacts, as well as how CFOs can navigate their companies through them.

Why We Love This Blog: No business operates in a vacuum, which means that events around the world, both good and bad, will affect your company's financial future. CFOs need to stay on top of these changes, which is why we recommend reading VCFO. The blog does a great job of bringing in industry leaders to keep its audience informed on the global marketplace.


8. Planful


Description: A blog for financial professionals by a well-known SaaS brand. The publication is especially valuable to CFOs who prioritize continuous planning.

Why We Love This Blog: Planful makes financial planning software for CFOs and their teams. So naturally, the company blogs about money-related topics like customer retention, rolling forecasts, and business growth. But this isn't your everyday blog. Planful posts real-life stories, industry trend reports, and other insightful information so that CFOs can support their visions of continuous planning.


9. The CFO Centre


Description: Practical articles, written by industry experts, that help CFOs think through their problems and solve them as effectively as possible. 

Why We Love This Blog: Have you ever faced a challenge as a CFO? Of course you have. You probably face one everyday, which is why the CFO Centre blog is so helpful. The brand regularly publishes articles that walk readers through various thought processes. The goal is to help them develop strategies and find solutions to the pressing problems they face.


10. Bold CFO


Description: A financial blog for CFOs and aspiring financial leaders who want to help their companies achieve greater success.

Why We Love This Blog: Tipalti, publisher of the Bold CFO blog, makes financial software that's used by mega-corporations like Twitter, National Geographic, and ZipRecruiter. So it's no surprise that the company also has a ton of valuable insight to share on its blog. Read the Bold CFO to learn more about mindset, networking, and other skills you'll need to help grow your company to unicorn status.


Wrapping Up

There you have it: the top 10 blogs for CFOs. Each of the publications listed above will help you lead your company's financial department successfully. Now all that's left to do is read their articles and implement the information they share. Best of luck!


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