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Introducing Sudozi Strategic Procurement

Welcome back to Sudozi Synopsis! We’re reaching out today with some big updates on Sudozi and the future of the company.

Since our founding, our goal has been to help customers control spend while driving smart growth. In recent months, Sudozi has become increasingly mission-critical in: 

1️⃣ Orchestrating dynamic intake and approval workflows
2️⃣ Ensuring budget discipline for our finance leaders 
3️⃣ Improving risk controls 

As we have partnered with customers in building incremental features, the value of Sudozi as a strategic procurement platform empowering complete control of spend and risk has become increasingly evident. 

Sudozi’s built-in budget & vendor insights, embedded directly in the spend review process, are helping customers in a number of industries control spend while streamlining intake-to-decision. 

Moving forward, we are doubling down on our procurement focus, building additional features to help finance, legal, compliance, IT and procurement teams control and orchestrate a holistic process - improving your management of both spend and risk.

As we’ve communicated to current customers, customer success remains our top priority and everything in the app today remains incredibly relevant to building a Strategic Procurement platform that supports the needs of Finance and Procurement leaders. 

In this newsletter, we’ll share some product enhancements while also providing a deeper overview of how Sudozi is helping companies unlock greater levels of spend and risk control. Please reach out (or book time here) if you have any questions or want to learn more!


Gain visibility into all Spend Intent with the Executive View

When Procurement processes are manual and stitched together, Finance teams do not have visibility into all spend intent. This is a problem that can lead to rogue spend, unnecessary vendor risk and elongated procurement cycles.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Executive view: unlock complete visibility into the status of all spend intent within Sudozi.


No more digging through email and ticketing systems to check the status of a recent spend request: instantly identify where a request is held up in the approval chain. Sudozi offers actionable insights for Finance and Procurement to take action from here.  

Effortless Intake to guide users through the Spend Request Process

Spend intake processes are often high friction and time consuming.

Your employees waste hours navigating the manual purchasing process and requests are often submitted through inconsistent channels (Slack, Email, Google forms, etc.). 

As a result of this friction, employees forgo crucial steps in the spend process, leading to rogue spend and confusion across the organization:

Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 11.56.06 AM
This all changes with Sudozi’s intuitive Intake flow, where Sudozi navigates users through the spend request process.


With Sudozi Intake, your employees don’t need to memorize your Finance, Legal, IT and other policies. Sudozi’s automated intake ensures that all required information is submitted. Meanwhile, business partners receive transparency into the approval flow as the Intake form is completed.

We’ll soon be launching additional automation to make Spend Intake even more “hands-off” and user-friendly for employees. Hint: AI is involved. Stay tuned! 👀 

No-code Approval Workflows to orchestrate a comprehensive spend process

Gone are the days of chasing down approvers to expedite a spend request.

Sudozi’s customizable, no-code approval workflows ensure that key stakeholders are automatically looped in on relevant purchase requests and that Finance has full spend visibility, from intake to decision.
Spend_Rules___Custom_Fields_AdobeExpress (2)

With Sudozi, you can ensure that:

  • Legal is looped-in early to get ahead of potential compliance issues.
  • IT & Security are involved when there are data-sensitive vendor concerns.
  • FP&A is empowered with real-time “how much budget is left” insights.

Approvers are notified via Email and/or Slack when it is their turn to approve, and can even complete the action directly in Email or Slack. We connect with all of your key systems across Legal, IT and beyond to further streamline Intake-to-Procure.

Instant Insights to answer “how much budget is left?!”

“How much budget is left?!” – this is a question that FP&A is regularly tasked with answering in the Intake-to-Procure process.

Unfortunately, the spend approval tool is not connected to your Finance Planning software. Dozens of hours are wasted tracking down the right context and data before ultimately rejecting a request.

This is why Budget Insights in Sudozi ultimately change the game for Finance leaders. You can now instantly see vendor payment history, department budget performance, vendor contracts, and much more while making approvals.

My_Movie_AdobeExpress (2)

Build a holistic spend process from Intake-to-Pay

Today, Sudozi supports teams from Intake-to-Procure, but why stop there?!

Very shortly, Sudozi will be launching Payments within Sudozi to empower teams from the initial spend intake to payment (Intake-to-Pay). 

image (22)

Once a spend request is fully approved in Sudozi, a PO will automatically be generated. Invoices can be linked and payments can be issued directly in Sudozi.

With the addition of Payments, Sudozi will be your one-stop shop to: 

  1. Automate Intake
  2. Orchestrate Approvals
  3. Streamline Decisions (with real-time data!)
  4. Consolidate Vendor data (including renewal workflows!)
  5. Execute Payments

Seamless authentication with Okta


Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 7.58.02 PM

Finally, one last plug for an additional enhancement: in May, we launched Okta Single sign-on within Sudozi. Adding to our Google and Microsoft single sign-on logins, our Okta SSO offers a seamless authentication experience for end-users. Feel free to book time to discuss the various Okta automation features we can enable for you.


We’re offering one FREE year of payments to new customers who sign up for Sudozi’s payments tier by the end of May. Please reach out to by 5/31 if you have interest in participating in this early-bird Payments promotion.

That’s all for this month! We’ll be back with some exciting updates in June. If you’re looking to streamline your Intake-to-Pay process, we’d love to chat – you know where to find us!

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