April News at Sudozi

This was a big product week for Sudozi as we released our first major update to the app since our beta launch earlier this year.  A few wins from this update:

  • Never miss a renewal again!  In addition to our automated reminder emails, renewal calendar events with full vendor context can now be automatically sent to any number of team members with our new reminders feature.
  • Easily consolidate documents from different places by forwarding PDFs from your inbox to Sudozi using the new email forwarding feature we launched.  
  • It is now easier to get your data into Sudozi with the ability to directly add a vendor or service.  New vendors are automatically created from spend requests, saving you time when the contract is signed.
  • Your data is even more organized with the latest vendor details page showing you associated services and documents in one view.
  • Keep all your team members organized with improved membership features and department structures.

A key item on our roadmap for the next few weeks is a significant enhancement to the spend request workflow with the ability to create custom spend rules based on cost, new vendor, spend type, and department.  If you’re interested in gaining access to this advanced feature, let us know!

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